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CHIPC 2024 was held at The Getty Center in Los Angeles, California from Feb 12-14, 2024. The event was organized and hosted by the Getty Digital Imaging department


2024 Recap


Discussion topics:

  • Management & Leadership

  • Mass Digitization

  • Photographer's Huddle

  • QA/QC

  • Audience | Users

  • Color

  • Workflow (Studio & Data)

  • Film Digitization

  • Underrepresented Communities

  • Sustainability & Security

  • AI

  • 3D

  • Studio Planning

  • Advocacy 

  • Future development of CHIPC


Lightning talks

All participants are invited to give a lightning talk.  A lightning talk is a five to seven minute presentation on a compelling topic related to cultural heritage imaging, your work, or that of your organization. Slides and demos are encouraged, but a free-form talk is also great.  The goal is to introduce yourself, stimulate thought and generate ideas for meeting sessions. 


Topic planning

On the first day of the event we will collaboratively decide on the agenda for our three days together.  But lets take some time in the week leading up to the meeting to suggest ideas and register your interest.  We will provide a link via email to a OneDrive shared doc to capture your ideas.  This will help expedite the unconference agenda planning. 

Agenda 2024

Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 4.04.23 PM.png

Attendees 2024

Anna Flavin | Getty Conservation Institute

Anna Kim | Japanese American National Museum

Astrid Smith | Stanford University

Ben Goddard | Getty Digital Imaging

Brendan Threadgill | Getty Digital Imaging

Carla Schroer | Cultural Heritage Imaging

Carlos Bayod Lucini | Factum Foundation

Chris Hacker | Stanford University

Christine Huhn | University of California, Berkeley

Dan Dennehy | Minneapolis Institute of Art

Dan Zellner | Northwestern University

Daniel Sissman | Getty Digital: Software and User Experience

Dave Wyble | Gray Sky Imaging

Denis Doorly | The Museum of Modern Art

Don Ross | SFMOMA

Don Williams | Image Science Associates  

Doug Emery | The Hoover Institute, Stanford University

Doug Peterson | Digital Transitions

Erin Mazzei | Smithsonian Institution

Eze Amos | University of Virginia Library

Felix Horn | Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Giao Luong Baker | Duke University Libraries

Greg Downing | Hyperacuity

Hannah Frost | Stanford University

Joanna Hernandez | Getty Digital Imaging

Johana Herrera | Getty Digital Imaging

John Ffrench | Yale University Art Gallery

John Tonai | Japanese American National Museum

Julie Mcvey | National Geographic

Kayla Kee | Getty Digital Imaging

Kendall Crumpler | National Geographic 

Kevin Candland | Asian Art Museum

Kristin Phelps | Office of Copyright Records, Library of Congress

Kurt Heumiller | National Gallery of Art

Linda Lam | Stanford University

Manny Perez | Getty Digital Imaging

Mark Buchholz | University of California, Riverside

Mark Desai | LightboxVR

Martina Hoffmann | Swiss National Library NL

Mat Fretschel | Walt Disney Animation Studios

Melissa Fournier | Yale Center For British Art

Michael Bennett | University of Connecticut

Michael Pucher | Walt Disney Imagineering

Michael Smith | Getty Digital Imaging

Niki Nakagawa | Getty Digital Imaging

Olivia Kuzio | Getty Conservation Institute

Pedro Santos | Fraunhofer IGD

Peter Dueker| Getty Digital Imaging

Peter Siegel | Digital Transitions

Pierre Ware | Minneapolis Institute of Art

Randy Dodson | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Rebecca Truszkowski | Getty Digital Imaging

Rebecca Vera-Martinez | Getty Digital Imaging

Rob Dennis | Getty Digital Imaging

Robert Kastler | The Museum of Modern Art

Roel Munoz | Princeton University

Roy Berns | Gray Sky Imaging

Scott Geffert | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sophie Chen-Iveson | Getty Digital Imaging

Stacey Evans | University of Virginia Library

Stacey Rain Strickler | Getty Digital Imaging

Steffen Hankiewicz | intranda GmbH

Tahnee Cracchiola | Getty Digital Imaging

Tarra Wood Getty | Digital Imaging

Taylor Branham | Getty Digital Imaging

Thomas Rieger | The Library of Congress

Todd Swanson | Getty Digital Imaging

Ty Popko | The Walt Disney Company

Vince Rossi | The Smithsonian Institution

Yosi Pozeilov | LACMA

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