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CHIPC 2016

Hosted by the Stanford University Libraries

Digital Libraries Systems and Services - Digital Production Group

Monday, July 11th through Wednesday, July 13th, 2016


Discussion topics:

  • End-to-end workflow

  • Large format digitization and stitching

  • 3D imaging

  • Book-scanning technologies and techniques

  • High volume slide and film digitization

  • Practical applications of FADGI, Metamorphoze and targets

  • Image QC workflow and techniques

  • Automating digitization workflow

  • Strategies for publishing content

  • Organizational issues and techniques

  • Outreach

  • Funding and sustainability

  • Statistics and metrics


  • Digipalooza cruise directors arranged a variety of fun and exciting social activities, including local beers and pizza on the patio of Lathrop Library.  Our opening night reception has been generously sponsored by Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage. Many thanks to DT for supporting our event. 


Agenda 2016

Lightning talks

All participants are invited to give a lightning talk.  A lightning talk is a five to seven minute presentation on a compelling topic related to cultural heritage imaging, your work, or that of your organization. Slides and demos are encouraged, but a free-form talk is also great.  The goal is to introduce yourself, stimulate thought and generate ideas for meeting sessions. 


Topic planning

On the first day of the event we will collaboratively decide on the agenda for our three days together.  But lets take some time in the weeks leading up to the meeting to suggest ideas and register your interest.  We will provide a Google doc to capture your ideas.  This will help expedite the unconference agenda planning. 

Agenda 2016

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 3.05.45 PM.png

Attendees 2016

Nathan Anderson | Smithsonian Institution

Michael Bennett | University of Connecticut

Jonathan Bloom | Asian Art Museum

Jeff Breidenbach | Google Books

Peter Brenner | Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Mark Buchholz | Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Kevin Candland | Asian Art Museum

William Comstock | Harvard University Libraries

Christina Deane | University of Virginia

Daniel Dennehy | Minneapolis Institute of Art

Randy Dodson | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Katherine Du Tiel | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Chris Edwards | Getty Research Institute

Nikki Ferraiolo | Council on Library Information Resources

Melissa Fournier | Yale Center for British Art

Ian Fowler | Osher Map Library

Mathieu Fretschel | Disney Animation Research Library

Sam German | University of Virginia

Wayne Graham | Council on Library Information Resources

Susan Grinols | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Kurt HeumillerYale Center for British Art

Felix Horn | Bayerische Staatsbibliothek - Bavarian State Library

Robert Kastler | Museum of Modern Art, New York

Erik Landsberg | Museum of Modern Art, New York

Martin Liebetruth | Göttingen State and University Library

Tom McCarty | Internet Archive

Roel Munoz | Princeton University Library

David Neikirk | Osher Map Library

Alan Newman | National Gallery of Art

Matthew Pearson | The National Museum of African American History and Culture 

Eric Philcox | Pixel Acuity

Tim Pinault | University of California

Ken Rahaim | Smithsonian Institution

Kelly Ransom | Internet Archive

Thomas Rieger | Library of Congress

Vincent Rossi | Smithsonian Institution

Peter Siegel | Digital Transitions

Daniel Sissman | Getty Museum

Michael Smith | Getty Museum

Todd Swanson | The Walt Disney Archives

Heather Wagner | UC Merced Library

Layna White | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Don Williams | Image Science Associates

Tim Zaman | Delft University of Technology

Dan Zellner | Northwestern University 

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